A custom pet portrait by Tamaow is easy. Here is how it works:

Step 1:

Email me clear and sharp photos of your pet with a few words or sentences describing your pet.
Choose the canvas size and background colour you would like the painting to be.


5 Sizes available:


Size 1: 18cm x 23cm x 1.5cm

one pet ONLY, half body, plain background
Price: SGD $250 + SGD $10 (mailing cost in Singapore)


*Size 2: 21cm x 30cm x 0.2cm

one pet ONLY, half body, plain background
Price: SGD $350 + SGD $10 (mailing cost in Singapore)


Size 3: 25.5cm x 35.5cm x 1.5cm

up to 2 pets MAXIMUM, half body, plain background
Price: SGD $500 + SGD $10 (mailing cost in Singapore)


Size 4: 30.5cm x 40.5cm x 1.5cm

up to 3 pets MAXIMUM, half body, plain background
Price: SGD $700 + SGD $10 (mailing cost in Singapore)


Size 5: 41cm x 51cm x 1.5cm

up to 5 pets MAXIMUM, half body, plain background
Price: SGD $1200 + SGD $10 (mailing cost in Singapore)


*Medium used for all paintings will be Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
**Size 2 is only available in Acrylic on Canvas Board
*No framing (for Sizes 1, 3 ,4 and 5) is needed as painting extends around edges.

Step 2: 

After I review the material you have sent me, I will contact you to discuss the details of your future painting.

Step 3:

I will then work on and send you one black- and-white rough sketch of what I propose to paint, for your review and approval.

Step 4:

Once I receive your approval, you will need to make full payment of the commission painting through internet banking, ATM transfer, PayNow or PayLah for local customers.

*I accept international payments on PayPal. For overseas friends who are interested to custom pet portraits (Size 1 – 3 only).
Please Email Me for the total price of the painting as mailing cost is different from the prices stated above.

Step 5:

When I receive full payment of the painting, a Commission Agreement with an estimate date of completion and a written description of your future painting will be emailed to you. Thereafter, the painting will be scheduled to begin.

Step 6:

When your painting is done, I will show you the final scan of the portrait for your review and any minor adjustments.

Step 7:

Your painting should take roughly 3 – 4 weeks to complete, depending on the number of commissions that I have.
Upon completion of your painting, I will mail your painting to you via registered mail.

A signed Certificate of Authenticity accompanies your painting.


*Payment is non-refundable*

I cannot offer refund on pet portraits due to their custom nature and the many hours that go into making them.


*Copyrights of the painting(s) belong(s) to me, Ng Ling Tze aka Tamaow.

*Customers are not allowed to reproduce the artwork(s) in any form for commercial purpose without my consent.

Custom Pet Portraits that I have done


Thank You and have a nice day!